Friday, May 1, 2015

3 is my lucky number

3 months is too short to conlude,
but it is all wonderful and worthwhile.

3 months ago, I went to Tapah with heavy feeling.
Today, I never know I will leave Tapah with even heavier heart.

Tapah does not offer me good cafe s, good karaoke places or gigantic shopping malls.
But it does offer me a great deal of good moments with big hearted people.
I live well with good moments here.
3 months of celibating from pointless entertainment and I happily made it.

We lived an adequate life here and I feel content. And my pocket is just as content.

By one brief look, I would say my school I was assigned to is small, forlorn and boring.
I was proven wrong that it offers more than its size.
Betullah kata orang x kenal maka x cinta.

The small community glued the people into a strong bond. I can help saying I found a family here. They offered not only good food, free rides, jokes, help, advises, care, but they did leave me with good experience and memory. I feel cared and loved. I swear I do not mind being posted here if this school is just as this wonderful.

A practicum should be rough. It is but I made it through with good people. I feel good. Miss you guys. Miss the teachers, pupils, the canteen people, the gardeners, and not the forget my practicum partner.

I feel a lot more sincere this time around. I did not mind entering class out of schedule, I did not mind doing something extra. I painted extra murals than what we are asked to. I gave something extra to the pupils even I never taught some of them.  I went from printing with fast mode to printing a big, clear worksheet for my pupils. It may not sounded smart, but I feel content with what I have done.

I never thought of becoming a teacher. It sounded silly, but I admit that all these practicums have turned me better. I even feel natural when I teach. Ahhhh...silly reflection..haha

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