Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Love Language

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Playlist lagu Sedih / Jiwa NG

Hi. Ini Anggun.
Angggun suka dengar lagu bising2.
Tapi sebenarnya Anggun ada playlist lagu sedih2.
Anggun x berapa suka playlist tu.
Jadi, Anggun guna playlist tu masa emergeny je.
Contohnya masa Anggun perlu tidur tapi tak dapat tidur lagi.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I never thought of giving up.
No matter how hard things get.
How could you.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wire Hanger

Lama x update, banyak je cerita tapi x tertulis kat sini.
So lately ade penulisan esaimen yg x berape esaimen, so aku nak share la kat sini.
Cite ne cite betul tapi ade ejas2 sikit nak tambah perisa. hahahax

Assignment 2 (Essay Writing)
Write a narrative essay about a memory of someone or something that had an influence on you when you were younger.
             It is 1st of May and I am having my day off. I thought of relaxing and lazing for this one whole day. Instead, I found myself going through this old dusty wardrobe. A collection of old and underutilised clothes are neatly hanging. Most of the clothes are the clothes that I can no longer fit in, or something that I no longer have interest in. Well, fashion fades. Leaving them untouched while they are still in good condition invited a surge of regret to fill in my heart.
           “Haha..Nah..I’ll let other people to wear you guys”. I decide to spring clean the wardrobe. I take all the hanging clothes and gradually pile them on the nearest bed in the room. As I take the clothes for the third round, something hard fell on my right foot. I look and found a green neglected worn-out wire hanger. The wire is all out of place yet it is still recognisable. I put the clothes down and pick the hanger from my feet. I laugh. I have been using plastic and wooden hanger for all this while then how come this odd one ends up in my place?
            Yes, it is my hanger, or to be exact the hanger used by my late mother. She might be bringing her own hangers when she came to my house last time. She might forget to take one of them back. Holding the hanger at that moment bring up some childhood memory into my mind. My late mother had a number of this kind of hangers. She had them in blue, red, yellow and green and she regularly used them to hang our clothes indoor or outside our house. As far as I remember, I couldn’t locate any other hanger of different materials. I think back then, my mother wouldn’t want to use plastic or wooden hanger maybe because they are a little pricey.
As I grow up, I later discovered the other use of the hanger. They were special in a way they serve more than just for hanging purposes. I could say that my siblings learnt a lot just because of the hanger used by our mother. How?
Our mother regularly used to hit us with the wire hanger. It was painful. The pain stung and sometimes we could spot some red marks on our skin. The hitting usually occurred when did something that we know “we should not do” or something that “we have been told not to do”. Children being children, we could not help by breaking about some rules. The hanger first hit my palm when I was in Year 3. I came back late from school. I was out late playing marbles with my friends. I straight away hit my bed because I was so tired. The moment I opened my eyes from my sleeping, I saw my mom standing next to my bed.
“Where have you been, Anis?” asked mother while she took my left hand.
Before I could barely answer, the stinging pain hit my left palm. Another one landed on the same place before I found myself crying. Mother said, “One for getting home late, and another for not performing your Asar prayer.”
My brothers and sisters had also encountered almost the same hanger experience. My mother ever chased after us while holding the wire hanger. She never stopped until she managed to have us in her hand. Sometimes, when we are asked to recite Quran, she used the wire hanger to point at certain place in the Quran. She also will hit the floor when we mispronounced some letters or words. At first, we thought our mother was being mean and witchy.
We got back home early, prayed and dutifully reciting the Quran because we feared our mother and the hanger. As time passed by, we noticed that the hanger was slowly missing until it is finally gone. We learnt that we were first we did as what our mother say because of our fear of being hit. The fear however grown into something called “respect”. Even without the presence of the wire hanger, we were still conformed to what she asked us to do. Now that she has gone, we still dutifully able to do things like she said. We realised that the wire hanger experience is to make us realize of certain things like the do’s and don’ts in life. The wire hanger is still kept safe in our memory.
I put back the hanger back to its place. This hanger is so special in a way It teacher us life lessons.

Friday, May 1, 2015

3 is my lucky number

3 months is too short to conlude,
but it is all wonderful and worthwhile.

3 months ago, I went to Tapah with heavy feeling.
Today, I never know I will leave Tapah with even heavier heart.

Tapah does not offer me good cafe s, good karaoke places or gigantic shopping malls.
But it does offer me a great deal of good moments with big hearted people.
I live well with good moments here.
3 months of celibating from pointless entertainment and I happily made it.

We lived an adequate life here and I feel content. And my pocket is just as content.

By one brief look, I would say my school I was assigned to is small, forlorn and boring.
I was proven wrong that it offers more than its size.
Betullah kata orang x kenal maka x cinta.

The small community glued the people into a strong bond. I can help saying I found a family here. They offered not only good food, free rides, jokes, help, advises, care, but they did leave me with good experience and memory. I feel cared and loved. I swear I do not mind being posted here if this school is just as this wonderful.

A practicum should be rough. It is but I made it through with good people. I feel good. Miss you guys. Miss the teachers, pupils, the canteen people, the gardeners, and not the forget my practicum partner.

I feel a lot more sincere this time around. I did not mind entering class out of schedule, I did not mind doing something extra. I painted extra murals than what we are asked to. I gave something extra to the pupils even I never taught some of them.  I went from printing with fast mode to printing a big, clear worksheet for my pupils. It may not sounded smart, but I feel content with what I have done.

I never thought of becoming a teacher. It sounded silly, but I admit that all these practicums have turned me better. I even feel natural when I teach. Ahhhh...silly reflection..haha

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sebab itu buat ape pun kene MODERATE

nak tekel makwe, kena rilek.
jgn terlampau try hard n fast n furious n gelojoh nanti dia terkejut lepastu takut lepas tu malas layan kau.

sebagai pakwe, selain konfiden kau kenalah maintain macho n atst show ur power n charm. n yg penting kau respek n bagi ruang tuk makwe tu respon. never ever push. kalau degil push jugak, lepas tu ke gaung la dia push engkau. guna teknik chipsmore, bila kau xde, nanti dia cari tu. tapi jgn melampau sampai dia ingat kau ni x sungguh2 pulak. so stay moderate.

kalau masuk friendzone, kau kembangkan masuk zone lain. aku xpaham asal org gagaliskan zone ne. so xyah la kau nak meroyan.
zone ne boleh kita developkan, nak ke depan or ke belakang. dari member2 dpt rase selesa, cari kimia , lepas tu baru syg, lama2 pergila ke jalan yg halal.

dah pegi engkorang dgr lagu jordin sparks - one step at a time

aku tulis je, aku bukan paham pun.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sekejap yang sangat dan hangat

Jantung yang berdegup seronok
Senyum yang tidak lagi boleh sorok.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Entah pada siapa2 yg kau tuju, Rasa manis itu bertebaran, Tempias rasa itu terkena padaku, Oh aku bimbang aku yang .

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can I pick a fight now?

Kau berbicara tentang manners dan sifat munafik.

Sedang kau datang lambat,
lambat yang terlampau,
semasa apa yang kau namakan, temujanji kita.

Ironinya engkau.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bye is Good.

We're not as close as before..
But I am here whenever you need me..

Actually we were not even there before..
We were not even that close...

But we have tried...millionth times..
N we eventually get hurt n sick...
N we seek remedy out there...

When we see each other,
We see scars...

We are just two souls who cannot keep going together.
One will get hurt, and hurt another, and the cycle will never break.
I am sorry yet I love you.

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