Friday, July 4, 2014

Stupid positive hope

When you know something is not achieveable,
But you still put hope,
Is that positive?
Is that stupid?
Is hope is the only thing left for losers?

I don't know why.
Of watching #gerfra tonight make me come up with #ger will beat the shit out of #fra for 3-1, BUT
I still go for #fra
Scream for #fra
Support my #fra
Like we have connections
Like #fra has the chance of winning big
Despite all expert predictions
And the tragic ending

The feeling is like choosing an ordinary boy over a full-package all rounder boy.
And it feels positive.
And it feels I am on the right choice.

And it reminds me
How I hope that
I can still get ur texts and replies
I can exchange glances and smiles with you
I can exchange some small word with you
Let us talk about camera and the world again and again
And lemme know how you feels.

Though this bring me nowhere,
Though I know the ending,
Though I know it is me who will got all affected.
Though I know you would not care, not a bit.
I am born of this stupidity and positivity
I dont know if it is good or bad for me.
But God will let me figure out eventually,

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