Saturday, September 6, 2014

20+10 things about me. (Okay..boring)

1. Easily pissed off, easily cool down.
2. Sensitive.
3. Enjoy eating
4. Enjoy complaining even does not really mean it
5. Have a serious sweet tooth.
6. Love everything and anything about camera.
7. Get easily upset when it comes to faulty gadget.
8. Secretly feeling proud when people come to refer about gadget and techies
9. Whole body not functioning when it comes to sports and adventurous activities
10. Clumsy since first day of born
11. Highly organized but seasonal
12. Slow in making decision. Must consider all sorts of consequences
13. Secretive but give hints and allusions that people would not understand
14. High tolerance and do not like conflict. Easily feeling guilty.
15. Bad at lying. Face is  transparent.
16. Bad at starting conversation unless with the closed ones.
17. Simple at most times.
18. Did not realize of  having many polka dots stuffs until someone point it out and make fun of it
19. Like to listen to favourite songs while travelling far
20. Every significant people and events in life are given theme songs.
21. Romantic but do not know how to show it through actions
22. Like Sony gadget that much after father's doctrine.
23. Like to see people doing sports - the least to do when u can't play sports :')
24. Easily pour feelings in written words form.
25. Does not really say what is inside, because when I go straightforward, people are hurt.
26  Easily influenced to imitate the slang of one's when talking to her/him.
27. Won't pick up calls when tired and buzy. But will call back once all ready.
28. Awkward with old people and new people.
29.Likes to give advice even the one that I did not do. LOL.
30. Academic and grade conscious even I don't look that academic.
31. Sincerely adoring those who create and design like graphic designer, engineer, architect, photographer.

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