Thursday, December 30, 2010


Rain fell heavily.
The girl drenched in rain. Waiting. From hope that turn into boring tiredness and a little anger.
The boy. Walking. Towards the girl. Holding a cup of hot coffee. But the girl's wish was too see him walking with fireworks in hand. Her wish was not granted.
Because of the anger that exploded in her, the coffee fell. Just like the rain. Onto her hand. and onto him.
In silence was the boy. He only wanted the girl TO THINK. without mentioning what he have worked on all these time.
They broke up on that rainy cold night. Despondent farewell.
From that moment, the girl doesn't drink coffee anymore. Doesn't give any attention to the feeling to the silent poor boy.
Therefore, they decided to take their own new path.

Deleting all the memories of the boy in her head.
People ask: What is your best love experience?
She answers: I don't have any. My last time b0yfriend DOESN'T KNOW the meaning of ROMANTIC.

Time flies fast. She nearly got rid of him from her mind.
Years later, she got married. She was gifted with a beautiful child.

One rainy night.
Her daughter really wanted to see firewoks.
She smiled.
Her daughter is just like her. Inheritance.
She is just as STUBBORN as her mother.

Therefore, she brought her daughter to buy one.
From one shop to another.
They just couldn't find even one. Her daughter start to throw tantrum. Angry.

Finally, she reached a shop with owned by an old lady.
She ask : Do you have fireworks?
Old lady nodded.
Her daughter smiled in joy. Her wish was granted.

She took the fireworks by hand, smiling.
She: You know what, I have gone all the way to many shops just to find these fireworks so to fulfill her wish. Shop by shop, we couldn't find one till we reach your shop.
Old lady: You know why only my shop do sell these fireworks? Years ago, there was a boy who came to my shop in rainy evening like this. He said he had search the fireworks all over the shops in the town but he couldn't find any. He wanted to buy those for a stubborn girl. But I said I don't sell any. He cried at the moment he left this shop. Looking at his upset face, I felt sorry. From that moment, I will book some fireworks even for a little. 10 years has gone, You are the first to ask for the fireworks.

She now cannot run from the silence and grief and sorrow. AND GUILT.
What the boy want the girl to think about 10 years ago has finally revealed.
She leaned against the wall seeing her daughter played around with the fireworks.
Too many memories has that she is getting rid of her mind. Too many.
She can even taste the 10-years-ago hot and sweet coffee at the tip of her tongue.
Everything is vivid. Her feeling, His feeling. What he had done. His sacrifices.
She cries heavily.
Just like the night. It's raining heavily.

Don't cry heavily readers. This story isn't mine.
Im just translating and editing it a bit. Presenting it on my way.
Sharing this sad love story to my readers (:

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