Monday, January 7, 2013

The Revival.

Old blog. Old layout. Old same person writing.
Less hassle, less shit (I'm not sure)

After done with 'spring cleaning'.
Mual aku tengok post2 lama.
Ada comel, ada gedik, ada mengada, semuanya menyumbang kepada kemuntahan,
Still, two posts was succesfully saved.
Posts tue ada value, sayang pulak nak buang.
Yang childish talks tue all successfully flushed down the bin with just a click.

Ada rasa2 nak menulis kat blog org malas a.k.a Tumblr.
Tapi, blog ne layout dia semua, aku design sendiri kot, (eleh copy paste html je pun)
Before ada lagu pic so n so yg konon2nya benda2 comel.
Now, aku delete all those stuff, serabut I must say.
Blog ne ada value somehow to me.
From 2009 until now. Tukar url, gaining followers. sampai chatbox pun aku revived.
All in all, ada rasa sayang.
So, I will be writing back in here.
Whenever I feel like doing so.
And, about not writing in a childish manner, I can't guarantee.
Alah orang tua pun ada masa time feel cam budak2 jugak.
It's just right. Feels right. Perfect.

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