Saturday, February 2, 2013

When they ask.

Some people...
when they ask..
they really seek for an ABSOLUTE, FINAL ANSWER
like..."Ko nak makan apa hari ni?"
don't u came up with "Entahlah.."
"Anything...I don't mind."
Sometimes they really need for a real suggestion
There are times when they can't decide
So, here comes your role

Some people..
when they ask..
they just want to hear an answer from your mouth
But actually they have already decided
of what to be done
and what will come next
like..."Ko nak makan apa hari ni?"
"What if we try some sushi?"
"Sushi last week kan da layan...Why don't we go for some western?"
Sometimes they just ask
So they will look diplomatic
But deep down inside
They are already sure what to be done

But still there are times when one really doesn't have the answer for the question
Like "Do we really love each other?"
The questions leave hanging.
Having the action speaks it answer.

Ni teori bodoh aku je. Jangan percaya sangat.

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