Monday, November 4, 2013

Poyo, geli, tapi semua orang rasa. Kisah crush budak2.

Saw you from a distance
I know I had no chance
Have got no valid reason to remember you
But you are one of the kind
And wonders made you stay in my mind

First sight, in a gymnasium
Where it suddenly felt like city of love called Rome
I were doing the sit up
But all my senses caught you up
As you instructed me to hurry up

Added you in Facebook profile
I stalked you but I never went wild
Oh, you have got a girlfriend but never mind
Because I have never thought that you can ever be mine

You wear Chuck Taylor
You play Soccer
You wear cap
You read LejenPress and I knew you put on ur thinking cap
You drive Viva
Your favourite football player is Di Maria

You play guitar                                                    You have camera                                                You capture beautiful things                               You are a good writer                                             So well, I know you are writing those beautiul words for her

I know I made a good FBI agent
Dun blame me, because you yourself was a legend
You have what I am looking in a man
But hey, one day I will have my own man

Thanks for all this time
You have been so kind
Its okay if you dont know or remember me
As long as I am happy
That we did share something in common
As long as I am happy
About you giving me some likes and comments on my chuck taylor picture
on my instagram

Love could stay one way
But it gets more beautiful if it goes reciprocal
I would go my own unique way
Pray for me that my way go all magical (:

Goodluck and goodbye
I promise this will forever stay in past tense
But you must stay the way you are.
Take care.

Background music : "Aku yang Asing." - Hujan

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