Monday, August 26, 2013

Quickie budak Degil.

Hi. Im very stubborn.
It runs in my blood,
If I rely my eyes on something,
which means I like it,
I must get it.
In no matter way.
I am very stubborn.

Sometimes, God has made some things and ones are not meant for us,
There is a need for  accepting
As God knows what is best for you.
People call this as 'redha'
But some stubborn head regard it as giving up.

I may not know
But sometimes I feel that when I dont get what I want
I try to be happy with what I have
But the stubborn me always looking up over something that I marvel yet I cant have
So stubborn, now so not thankful.

Even worse,
Sometimes I felt a pang of regret
Yet I cant blame
But I cant never lie
I am stubborn, if I cant get you, I marvel over you.
I am in the end, an idiot.


I should have bought Xperia SP, NOT Xperia L!

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