Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby is gone, happily. :')

Well handsome kiddo d5100 SOLD.
Live a better life. (:
Our memories will always live together.

Thanks to for the damn cool advertising.
Less than 24 hours, I got one stable customer
and I break the heart of 3 incoming potential customers.
Fast deal bebeh!
Xyah pakai servis Mark Zuckenberg dah au.

N my last-time post baby got quite a hi pageviews, almost 60. vavau-lah!

N big thanks to cool buyer.
Normal for a guy with profession to look at me n my friends with the "dorang ne budak2 lagi"-look.
Despite that, you are cool enough to sit down with us, talk, dealing, joking, easy n relaxing business
N thank you for listening intently to all my advices n do's n don'ts of taking care baby!
Thanks fo not being judgemental pada student n budak2 cam kami.
Nothing can we do about our physical and pembawakan. eh eh eh.

N bigger thanks fo my supporters, driver, my p.a, my cash-checker lol

N thanks to Him fo making this deal a success.
Smooth flow lubricant like!

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