Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding new owner. :') SOLD

Handsome kiddo aite?
Me letting this sweetheart go for good price
After all our sweet moments.

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【Package includes】Body,

                              18-55mm AF-S lens, 
                              4gb SONY Memory Card Class 10, 
                              HAIDA UV Filter (Added),
                              Golden box and small accessories. Complete set.
                              Screen has been TINTED. Cleaning Accesories like blower and Wiping Cloth included.
【Price】RM 1650
【Dealing method】COD or POST
【Seller's location】Ipoh, Perak
【Contact method/details】
【Age of item(s)】6 months.
【Item(s) conditions】11/10. Tip Top. In great care.
【Reason for sale】Funding.


Korang leh review sendiri n baca spec dia kat:

Personally recommended, and ada menang award best beginner DSLR model lagi tue, wa cakap lu.
6 bulan dengan dia, serius aku jatuh cinta.
Here is one of OUR SOCC. No Edit2 k.

Layan kan warna n sharpness dia?

Model ne jugak best sebab dia ada macam2 features syok like miniature, cartoon effect, n u can straight edit n crop n macam2 dari dalam cam.
efek yang syok is SELECTED COLOR, in which kau hanya hi-lite, warna2 yang kao kenan je. like RED standing out daripada background yang hitam.
Kau nak buat bibir hitam pun boleh. HAHA.

Nampak x aku highlight warna apa je tue?

Honestly, I am letting this good pal go after thousand times thinking and considering and dilly-dallying.
Jujur, punyala sayang nak jual kot.
Aku punyala banyak moment n great shots I got because of this handsome pal.

Tapi memikirkan praktikaliti DSLR yang kinda berat untuk aku yang pemalas n selalu sengal2 badan n lasak pulak tue, aku rasa cam yg lebih ringan or compact would do a better job for me.

So, find yourself a better reliable owner and have a good life, shoot cool best pics!

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